Eye Lash Extensions

Lash extensions offer instant and effortless glamour without the constant maintenance of mascara or strip lashes. All styles are customized to your personal style including preferred length, thickness, curl, shape and design-as well as what your natural lashes can handle.

Book a full set when you’re just getting started!  I will apply extensions to your individual natural lashes.  Please note, the total number of lashes applied in each set is dependent upon how many natural lashes you have.

Classic Full Set: Perfect for those looking to add more length and some fullness. I apply a single extension per natural lash to give you low maintenance, wear-them-anywhere lashes! Classic Full Set (1.5 hours): $185

Classic/Volume Hybrid Full Set: Want a bit more than classic but not full-on volume? This is the set for you! I mix individual extensions with my hand-crafted volume fans for a look that’s full and textured. Classic/Volume Hybrid (2 hours): $215

Volume Full Set: With this highly-skilled technique, you’ll have 3 to 6 handmade lightweight lashes fanned out, then applied to each of your natural lashes.  The result is gorgeous fluff that gives even the sparsest natural lashes an enviable fullness.  Book this set if you’re looking for more fullness than length. Lux Full Set Volume (2.5 hours): $230, Mega Volume Full Set Volume (3 hours): $245

Fills are touchup appointments to add extensions to lashes that have shed and new lashes that have grown. Both eyes must have 40% of lashes remaining to be considered a fill.  Few or no lashes remaining (on either eye) will require application of a new full set.  I recommend 60 minute fills for 2-3 weeks after your full set and 90 minute fills for 3-4 weeks after your full set. Beyond 5 weeks, I will generally recommend you have a fresh full set applied. Prices are based on time-the better you care for your lashes, the less time you’ll need!

Classic Fill (60 min): $75, Classic Fill (90 min): $100

Hybrid Fill (60 min): $85, Hybrid Fill (90 min): $105

Volume Fill (60 min): $90, Volume Fill (90 min): $110

If it’s your first time making an appointment, here are a few tips to know before you come in!

Pre Lash: Come to your appointment with lashes clean and free from oils (no mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, eye cream or sunscreen). Any oil residue left will make it difficult for the lash adhesive to stick. Contact lenses will have to be removed during the lashing process.

Post Lash: After your lashes are complete, remember not to get your lashes wet for 24 hours,  and not expose your lashes to extreme heat (sauna, steam room, hot showers) for the next 48 hours. Select eye makeup carefully (avoid oil-based or waterproof) and don’t use an eyelash curler!

  • Wash your face gently and softly, particularly around the eye area.
  • In your face wash, lotion or makeup remover, try to avoid glycol.  More specifically, avoid anything with PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexalene Glycol, Butylene, or Propylene Glycol.
  • When removing makeup, dip a cotton swab in oil-free makeup remover and roll under the eye.  This removes residue without pulling on your gentle eye tissue.

Don’t wait too long between fills! Coming back regularly ensures fresh lashes and an even look.

Lash Maintenance: With the adhesive I use, it is okay to wet your face and eyes directly after the appointment. The more protective you are of your lashes, the longer they will last! Brush out your lashes and cleanse daily to have the most va-voom look! Resist poking or prodding extensions with your fingers. You might have dirt or oils that can get entangled in them so stick with the brush.

Points to remember:

  1. Depending on maintenance and care, lashes will last about 2-4 weeks
  2. Refills can be applied at any time but are recommended every 2-3 weeks
  3. Oils will break down the lash glue and cause them to fall out
  4. Lash extensions will NOT harm your real lashes when applied properly

Check out some pictures of my lash work!