Eye Lash Extensions

Lash extensions offer instant and effortless glamour without the constant maintenance of false lashes. If it’s your first time making an appointment, here are a few tips to know before you come in!

Pre Lash: Come to your appointment with lashes clean and free from oils. Any oil residue left will make it difficult for the lash adhesive to stick. Contact lenses will have to be removed during the lashing process.

Time: A full lash set takes about three hours to complete the process, depending on how thick your natural lashes are so come prepared with headphones if you wish to pass the time!

Post Lash: After your lashes are complete, remember not to wet your eyes or apply any oils or creams for 8 hours while the adhesive dries.

Lash Maintenance: After the 8 hours, it is okay to wet your face and eyes again but with care. The more protective you are of your lashes, the longer they will last! Refrain from using ANY oil products (eye cream, make up remover, cleanser) while wearing lash extensions. Oil will break down all the adhesive and cause extensions to fall out. If you are interested in purchasing cleanser or mascara that will work with your lashes I can get you sorted with the right products.

Points to remember:

  1. Depending on maintenance and care, lashes will last about 2-3 weeks.
  2. Refills can be applied at any time!
  3. Oils will break down the lash glue and cause them to fall out
  4. Lash extensions will NOT harm your real lashes!

Take advantage of this special time offer as I gain more experience lashing!

Full Set: $100, 60 Minute Fill: $50, 90 Minute Fill $75